Mechanics Indoors and Out
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I do wish papa would buy the land from Mr. Breigel. The weather will soon be fine enough to play out of doors!"

So said Jessie Gregg, a rosy-cheeked girl of twelve, to her eldest brother, Fred, one evening in March, as they stood in the porchway of their home, situated near the bank of the Passaic River, a few miles from the city in which Mr. Gregg had his business offices.

"Why, Jessie," said Fred, "papa told me this morning, at breakfast, he expected to close the deal, that is, get the deed of the property, this afternoon. I am just as anxious as you are to have the matter settled, for if he gets the land, I will have a lot of work to do, and I want to commence it right away. The land must be ours, for papa is later than usual this evening. Oh! there's the train just coming in; he will be here in a few minutes, and then we'll know."

"Oh, Fred! he and George are coming now. I see them at the turn of the road. I'll run to meet [4] them." Away she scampered, and almost upset her father by jumping into his arms, as she was quite a plump, husky girl and evidently a pet, for her father kissed her fervently as she slid from his arms to the ground. Then the three trudged homeward.

"Jessie," said George, a younger brother, "I have a secret for you if you won't tell Fred, until papa has told him."

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